Mid Autumn Festival 2010

My husband and I host Silver Lining English club weekly. On 22nd Sept. some of the students from SLEC and their friends, about fifteen of them visited TTO (Truyen Tin Orphanage) on the occasion. Every year, 15th of eighth lunar month, the people of Vietnam celebrate this day. It’s also called Children’s New Year. The parents want to show their love to the children. About a month before this day, the streets here have many stalls selling the moon cakes and lanterns. We also gave them moon cakes, fruits, many snacks, notebooks, toiletries, pens, pencils and used clothes. When we went there, the orphans welcomed us with their smiles and were playing with the lanterns. Our students gave them snack and played with them. Tram and I did our first face painting there and the kids were awed. Though we are not so good at it yet, they enjoyed it a lot.

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