2016-2017, An Excellent school year for TTO

t has been a big year for education at TTO.  The school year 2016-2017 has ended. There were quite a few achievements in both in the academic and extracurricular fields. Thanks to your help and support, The kids did well in school. They are now enjoying a 3 months summer holiday (maybe Ms Cu prefers them to be in school rather than on holiday , too crazy for all of them to be at home all the time;-)  Please see a few photos and achievements: 2. Bao won the gold medal for running (He’s the running man). Bao and Khang won silver medal for team running. Vi  and Hieu also … Continue reading

Mid-Autumn Festival with Kids of Truyen Tin Orphanage

In celebration of Mid-Autumn festival, Silver Lining English club members gathered together at Truyen Tin orphanage on Sunday morning – 30.09.2012. For many Asians, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to gather with their families to enjoy a meal and to admire the beauty of the moon. In Vietnam, it is known as the biggest festival of the year for children. According to ancient folklore, Vietnamese parents tried to make up for any lost time with their children during the harvest time, by celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival to show their love for their children. Taking advantage of this festival to get closer to each other as well as to enhance the … Continue reading