2016-2017, An Excellent school year for TTO

t has been a big year for education at TTO. 

The school year 2016-2017 has ended. There were quite a few achievements in both in the academic and extracurricular fields. Thanks to your help and support, The kids did well in school. They are now enjoying a 3 months summer holiday (maybe Ms Cu prefers them to be in school rather than on holiday , too crazy for all of them to be at home all the time;-) 

Please see a few photos and achievements:

1. Certificate of appreciation for being a good student.

2. Bao won the gold medal for running (He’s the running man). Bao and Khang won silver medal for team running. Vi  and Hieu also got certificate of appreciation for Vietnamese language and math competition.

3. Performing music and dance at the Ho Chi Minh City House of Youth Culture ( similar to PCYC) on the occasion of International Children Day (01/06)

4. Last but not least a big feast after that.

5. Thanh (selfie stick)  Sue ( Second left)  Sue is Yoga teacher who donated her yoga fees in helping TTO in the early days. And one more thing, she was one of the early guitar teachers for Keith Urban. All of the other girls are friends/supporters and have been helping TTO since the early days somehow.  

This post is also available in: 日本語

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