2018 Summary

TTO has had some new significant funding from other sources. Great news as there has been a fantastic construction project now completed with the standard of living dramatically increased. As you can see some of the photos below.

Our two university students, Phuong and Huong have completed their year 2 and have commenced year 3. They did quite well academically. They also have started working part time as waitresses in restaurants to support their study.

Phuc, Hung and Bi have completed their apprenticeship to become jewellers. However after a few months working, they found health issues due to the poor working environment and have stopped. Phuc and Hung now help Ms. Cu’s family member at their fabric store in District 5. Bi works at an electrical motor repair shop.

Toung and Minh ( grade 4), Vi ( grade 6), Anh ( grade 2) have received Certificate of Appreciation from the schools. Well done!

Grade 3 children learned to swim.

Vietnam Social Health Revolution Group has provided medical checks for all the children in July, and everyone was provided with a medical record.

The children went to Tini World ( Children’s play center) on Children’s Day ( 1st of June)

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