Fun with the visitors

Amy with baby Thanh and Trung.

At the end of August, 2011 two of our sons were visiting us from the US, as well as a Japanese student who had seen TTO’s website and was visiting Southeast Asia wanted to visit. We scheduled a trip and several of our English Club Members also showed up. It was quite a crew! The orphans loved getting so much attention from all the volunteers and visitors! Enjoy the photos below. … Continue reading

TTO goes to Vung Tau for 12th year summer trip

From 19th to 21st of July 2011, TTO was able to go to a beach town nearby Ho Chi Minh city. The weather was good. The beach was one hundred meter away from the small hotel we stayed at. It was a clean and beautiful beach. The orphans enjoyed themselves a lot. The new arrival from Paris, France, the five student volunteers joined us for the trip. An Australian family with three or four kids got to meet the orphans and they were impressed how the orphans play well with each other and how the older ones love and care for the younger ones. When they left, the parents gave … Continue reading

The Singaporeans are here!

TTO received four young and vivid high school students from Singapore from 21st to 24th March. They brought with them many books and games and even though they couldn’t really communicate well, they had lots of fun and they did communicate well with international language—means love! They taught them math, English and played games with them, did kick feather with them. You can see the smiles of the orphans. LOVE spells T-I-M-E and with the young and loving heart, they won the hearts of the orphans! … Continue reading

15th year anniversary of TTO

15the year Anniversary of TTO

On 27th March, the 15th year anniversary of TTO was held at a church nearby TTO. There were about two hundred attendees to celebrate the occasion. It started with dragon dance and tiger dance out door and the audience was cheering. Inside a hall, a course of nice meals were served as we saw different performances by professional singers and the orphans. It bonded us, volunteers, supporters and friends together to do more to help TTO. … Continue reading

New building and the Lunar New Year


As they had planned it, the new building was done before the Lunar New Year which is called Tet in Vietnamese. It’s connected to the old building and it is nicely bright. See the photos below. It is well designed and there are a small room and two bathrooms at the back of each room. Above left photo is the library and it is on 2nd floor. If you are in Ho Chi Minh city, please visit and see it with your own eyes. You’ll like it! It gives more room to the children there. She still needs lots of help in keeping it clean and taking care of ever … Continue reading