“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now and not defer it. For I shall not pass this way again.” –Stephen Grellet

Summer holiday to a famous beach town. 2009

Summer holiday to a famous beach town. 2009

My family came to Vietnam in May, 1998. We always like to do some kind of charity work wherever we live. We did help different schools and were still looking for one that is really needy. Through a friend, we happened to know Truyen Tin orphanage. This friend told us that this orphanage needed a lot of help. So when we went there almost the end of 1998, we knew too that this one needed our help. We met Miss Cu and liked her a lot. Although we have six kids, she had about twenty of them. Though the situation was not very pleasant, the orphans were happy and obedient most of the time.

Matsumi with some visitors at the orphanage.

Mati with some visitors at the orphanage.

Through the years, different individuals and companies gave donations and materials such as TV sets, video players, bank beds, tables and stools, paint, a washing machine and a refrigerator. Last ten years they were able to go to beach for three days during the summer holidays, thanks to the kind individuals and an association’s contribution. Also last ten years in December, the children enjoyed Christmas dinner and gifts.

I’m just one of the volunteers for the Truyen Tin orphanage. There are more people who helped and have been helping them in different ways. I hope that thru the web site many more can know Truyen Tin orphanage and together we can make the lives of these children better and help Miss Cu, the mother who carries the heavy responsibility of looking after over fifty orphans. She has done a great job for the last fifteen years and deserves our support.

Matsumi Onda (Mati)

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  1. Hello my name is Anthony, I am in Ho Chi Minh city and am keen to volunteer to help. I am here for three months. I have teaching experience and a TESOL certificate. Love Sport and teaching through games. I can paint use hammers and nails and cook and clean. I am staying in district 4. Help me by letting me to use my free time to help you.

  2. I come to Ho Chi Minh City often & would like to visit your Orphanage to see how I can help in a constructive way.
    This trip I will be leaving on Sunday 4th Dec & am hopefull of a visit so as to discuss how my skills can be of benefit. Regards, Stephen

    • Hi Stephen, my friend and I have emailed you, have you gotten it? You can go there. Hope you’ll have a wonderful time with the children and the helpers.


  3. Hi My name is Athina Chan, I am From Hong Kong, China. I love Children, and been to many children centers in Vietnam already. I would like go Ho Chi Minh end of june that just for visti beautiful children and play with them.I just want to know is that possible to visit on 30th June,2013.Thank you for the messages


  4. Hello!
    I´m Silvia, the spanish volunteer who was on the Orphan since 28th of August to 18th of September 2011. I have lot of nice pictures of my experiencie there, so I would like to share with you on your website. If you would like I could send you.
    I miss so much all the children and the Sisters and Miss Cu.
    I spent one of the most important time on my life.
    Always in my heart
    with Love
    my mail: silvimf@hotmail.com

  5. Hello to our friends met at Vung Tau

    We met you and the children on the back beach on Thursday 21st July. We are the Australian family you mention in your report.

    We had a memorable morning nursing and playing with the children. They seem very happy and well cared for. The dedication of the Sisters and helpers to changing these children lives was wonderful to see.

    We hope our donation assisted in some small way. We would love to come back to Saigon some day to help in a more practical way and will keep in touch to see how things are going.

    Perhaps you could let us know what we need to do to be able to come and help.

    Kind Regards

    Robert and Sandra Noy

  6. God bless you Ken & family.
    What an inspiration. We will be praying for you & your family–for lots of fruit & everything you need to continue on with such a wonderful work. We would be happy to receive any more testimonies from you all. We love you & are honored to be working along side such dedicated & loving brethren. We are way over in the USA also doing our best to ‘Change the Word.:
    Love & prayers, Marc & Maria Pearl Rose
    Seek to be one of My greats. You can do it. You just have to ask Me to give you love enough to be a servant of all. Then it won’t matter who I call you to serve. There will be no limits to who you will give love to, to whose needs you will put before your own. You will be so in the habit of putting others first that it will become your nature‚ and through your humility I will be able to use you to draw many to Me.

  7. it is wonderful website i’ve read. Thank to International family i know we can do anything with god’s help and everything works together for good.Martin and Ken has done great job for poor children in Việt Nam. They brings childhood for them who r unlucky in this life. These children have nothing and what they need is love. I want to say thank you for all of us who have heart for others!

  8. Very nicely made website! I was amazed to see it.
    Simple and clear with lots of God’s gift.
    I would like to link to your website to ours since we have same mission given by the Lord.

    We, the Leap High NPO, are also doing some charitable work to help the needy but most of our main mission is to be united with others who serve for the Lord Jesus to make His Kingdom on this earth on His day to come.

    May the Lord continue to give you and your supporters His grace.

  9. Wow, look what the Lord has done, great is His name. Ps.27:10 Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.
    It is wonderful to see the Lord promises come true, and how He places His people at the right place and the right time as His Holy vessels to bring it forth. This is wonderful, I pray for the continous growth of this outreach as the Lord Hand continues to opens doors from near and far to fulfill His purpose.

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