TTO’s 14th annual summer trip


From August 1-4th, TTO was able to make a trip to Dalat city which is located above 1,500m sea level. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in Vietnam. A lot of newlyweds go there for their honey moon and it is also called a City of Love. At the end of 19th century, The French was looking for a resort for the French army officers and built Dalat city which is 7-8 hours bus ride from Ho Chi Minh city. Miss Cu has been wanting to go there for a few years and this was the first time they’ve gone there. Of course it’s cooler, and it … Continue reading

Mid-Autumn Festival with Kids of Truyen Tin Orphanage


In celebration of Mid-Autumn festival, Silver Lining English club members gathered together at Truyen Tin orphanage on Sunday morning – 30.09.2012. For many Asians, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to gather with their families to enjoy a meal and to admire the beauty of the moon. In Vietnam, it is known as the biggest festival of the year for children. According to ancient folklore, Vietnamese parents tried to make up for any lost time with their children during the harvest time, by celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival to show their love for their children. Taking advantage of this festival to get closer to each other as well as to enhance the … Continue reading

Sucess Stories

Girl holding orphan

Though some teens leave TTO, wanting independence and freedom, which makes Miss Cu and other caretakers very sad, there are some who stay and become good older brothers and sisters to the younger ones. I interviewed several of these young people. Ms. Hang came to TTO when she was ten years old. Her parents had financial difficulty and couldn’t raise her. She said the following; “ After I arrived there, I felt love from Miss Cu and other children. I know Miss Cu loves all the children at TTO. I graduated from a University and studied English at an English school. I got a job at an advertisement company and … Continue reading

Fun with the visitors

Amy with baby Thanh and Trung.

At the end of August, 2011 two of our sons were visiting us from the US, as well as a Japanese student who had seen TTO’s website and was visiting Southeast Asia wanted to visit. We scheduled a trip and several of our English Club Members also showed up. It was quite a crew! The orphans loved getting so much attention from all the volunteers and visitors! Enjoy the photos below. … Continue reading